Transforming Tobacco

RJRVC is transforming tobacco

as the industry leader in developing innovative, tech-driven, responsibly marketed products.

We are doing this by

Delivering superior performance through technology.

This effort begins and ends with the consumer; and succeeds because our products leverage industry-leading research, manufacturing and product testing. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of adult tobacco consumers by offering innovative, enjoyable alternatives to traditional combustible and smokeless tobacco products.

Making responsible marketing central to our organization’s values.

Responsible marketing is underscored by how we execute on our Transforming Tobacco mission. Through cooperation with FDA, retailer training and youth prevention requirement, age-gating systems and more, we have demonstrated that our next generation products can be marketed responsibly to adult tobacco consumers and we remain committed to this goal. Our products are developed for and marketed to adult tobacco consumers aged 21 and over. We do not want our products in the hands of minors. RJRVC supports efforts to raise the legal age to purchase tobacco products to 21.

Understanding that adult tobacco consumers' evolving tastes are driving dynamic societal change around tobacco and nicotine products.

Today, we develop and market adult tobacco consumer-centric products that provide enjoyable options for a diverse range of experiences and occasions. We are excited for the future of our industry and to define the path that affects change in our society.

Recognizing our experienced, innovative workforce is our greatest asset in driving the industry forward.

We are proud of our team and our proven ability to foster a collaborative and productive work environment. We empower our employees to perform at the highest level by providing industry-leading resources and benefits that enable them to develop exciting and satisfying products for our customers.

Engaging with our communities, regulators and public health officials.

We recognize the rapid change in our industry and regularly engage with regulators as we provide adult tobacco consumers with a diverse range of satisfying alternatives to traditional tobacco products. This commitment parallels our focus on product integrity, product quality and responsible marketing to adult tobacco consumers.

RJRVC is committed to sharing our vision of how we can transform tobacco through responsible marketing and innovation.