We are more than a vapor company, we are an innovation company.

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We set out with the inspiring goal to improve the lives of adult smokers by taking substantial steps in our long-held ambition to transform tobacco.

Leila Medeiros, Senior Vice President, Vapor

This website is intended to provide general information about R. J. Reynolds Vapor Company (RJRVC) for key stakeholders such as media, policy and lawmakers, and potential employees. It is not operated for advertising or marketing purposes. If consumers are seeking information about any products manufactured and sold by RJRVC, they should visit the brand websites.

Who we are

RJRVC combines tobacco expertise with innovative technology to provide adult tobacco consumers with enjoyable products. What started with vapor innovation has expanded into revolutionary products and categories to meet adult tobacco consumers’ evolving preferences.


Guiding Principles

At RJRVC, we operate our business in a responsible manner that best balances the needs of our stakeholders. RJRVC is focused on offering responsible, innovative, satisfying products for adult tobacco consumers’ evolving preferences. Our Vision and Values seek to reflect the interests of shareholders, adult tobacco consumers, employees, and other stakeholders. RJRVC shares the values and principles of its parent company, Reynolds American Inc.

Our Products

We are developing and marketing products that provide adult tobacco consumers with satisfying options for a diverse range of experiences and occasions. We are excited for the future of our industry and to define the path that drives change in our society.

We have a diverse portfolio of products that prioritize consumer choice for adult nicotine consumers.

Christy Canary Gardner, Vice President