While the traditional smokeless tobacco category is anchored with historical moist and snuff products in the U.S. market, shifts in consumer preferences are driving change at an unprecedented pace. RJRVC is leading the effort in addressing the emerging category of Modern Oral nicotine products by delivering innovative products that do not contain tobacco-leaf and offer different formats for convenient and consider nicotine use.

Our portfolio of modern oral nicotine products is addressing a developing category to provide adult tobacco consumers with alternatives to traditional combustible and smokeless tobacco products, and we are committed to engaging with regulators, adult tobacco consumers, and other stakeholders as we expand the options available to adult tobacco consumers.


The first of our modern oral nicotine products to expand in the market is REVEL dissolvable nicotine lozenges – an innovative product tailored to meet the evolving preferences of today’s adult tobacco consumer. REVEL is made by extracting nicotine from tobacco leaves and infusing it into dissolvable lozenges.

This process allows us to develop a product that adult tobacco consumers can enjoy any time with no spitting, spills, or clean up and minimal waste.

We are also committed—through our responsible marketing practices to adult tobacco consumers—to preventing youth access to REVEL.

REVEL products contain nicotine. Nicotine is addictive. No tobacco product is safe or without risk.